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All organic colorgrown cotton 16"x16" pillow cover with zipper, in tan and natural hieroglyphics. 


This is a pillow cover only; a pillow form is NOT included. 




Colorgrown cotton grows with a natural red, green, or tan color to the cotton, so no dyes are used to create the color of this fabric. Colorgrown cotton is also known to be naturally pest resistant, so no pesticides are needed to grow this cotton.These colorgrown cotton throw pillows are perfect for everyone who needs eco-friendly and non-toxic pillows for their home.

16"x16" Organic Colorgrown Cotton Pillow Cover with zipper, Hieroglyphics

  • Fabric is organic colorgrown cotton fiber; grown and finished in the USA.


    Zipper is organic cotton, corespun, polyester and brass; made in the USA.


    Thread is organic cotton; made in Holland.


    All fabric and thread is compostable.


    Zipper is recyclable.

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